Two More Categories Rejuvenated and One Added

  • January 9, 2018
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As part of our process of working through updating the site, there are two more categories rejuvenated. They are paint brushes, and Gunze Sangyo. In addition, we’ve added a sub-category to Accessories for Renedra products.

Paint Brushes

With paint brushes, the sub-categories used to be by whether it was a set, or an individual brush. But that started looking messy, so we’ve changed to having the sub-categories by brand. That seems to work better for our customers, who are generally smart enough to know what they want ! We’ve added some new brushes, as well; in BrokenToad Brushes, we’ve added their Spearhead and Flat brushes, and we’ve added the full range of Lifecolor Brushes. As time goes on we will add sets of brushes within each brand, which should make it easier if you want to buy multiple brushes (as well as enabling us to build in a discount for buying one of each !)

Gunze Sangyo

We’ve fully re-stocked Gunze Sangyo, including their fabulous Mr Metal Color buffable paints. We have also added quite a lot of additional products to all of the sub-categories. This includes more of their Mr Hobby auxiliary products, as well as starting to add their paint sets. One we’re already finding particularly popular is Mr Cement Limonene – designed to glue plastic, but with a citrus smell rather than the chemical smell usually associated with plastic cement. Ideal if “she who must be obeyed” complains about the smell !

Part of our philosophy behind the expansion is to build the sales volumes so that we can put in an order every week with each of our suppliers. Getting into a fixed cycle should make it easier to work with our suppliers, easier to predict our cashflow, and help both us and our customers by significantly improving product availability.

Here’s a question for you; we’ve now got the whole current selection of Gunze Sangyo panel line markers – do you think we should put them in their own sub-category ?


As well as the categories we’ve rejuvenated, we’ve also added Renedra Accessories. This is one where we thought long and hard about where it fitted ! We were unsure if it should go in a wargaming category, or under modelling materials. So eventually, we decided to give it a category of it’s own.

We’ve wanted to carry Renedra products for a while, because they are such a great fit to other things we already do. The Renedra range has a great selection of 28mm scale scenery, bases, and other accessories. Whether it’s roleplaying games, tabletop skirmish games like Blood Eagle and Frostgrave, or large-scale tabletop wargaming, there’s something useful in the range for you !  Initially we’ve added some of their scenery. The plan is to rapidly add their bases and other goodies until we’ve got the complete selection.


We hope you like what we’re doing with the site, and welcome feedback on which categories to focus in on next !  The three that are on the radar are Chessex Dice, other Dice, and Mig Ammo. The first two of those are just about updating them, and ensuring that everything we’ve got in stock is on the website. Mig Ammo is likely to be longer term, as it’s more about getting the cashflow together to sustain the large minimum economic order size. But with your help, we’ll get there !