Red Box Games Figures Now In Stock

  • September 28, 2018
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Red Box Games is a company founded by renowned US sculptor Tre Manor. He often works for companies like Reaper Miniatures, but set up Red Box so that he could also create and market his own favourite models.

Initially, you will see we are stocking his range of Fantasy Norse, as well as a few other choice figures. If it proves popular, our aim to rapidly expand to carry the whole range. If there is a figure in the current range that we don’t have yet, let us know and we will happily add it to the next order we place !

These figures are beautifully sculpted, with bags of character, and come with a 25mm round slotted base. If there is one piece of advice I’d give it’s to not worry too much about the name of a figure, or the range it is in. Look at the actual sculpt, and think laterally about what it could be used for. Many of the Fantasy Norse would work brilliantly as Cimmerian-type barbarians from the Conan (Hyboria) mythos, while there are several armoured ones who would be a perfect fit as Rohirrim. Although the Norse implies an army of some kind, there are numerous shield maidens and figures who could be used as spellcasters, as well. Frodwine the Young (RBG0241) would make an excellent adventuring mage in D&D or Pathfinder games.  Some could even be used for civilian personalities, like Tradkarl (RBG0225). All very useful if you play Dungeons & Dragons or other tabletop RPG’s !

Red Box Games figures are supplied unpainted, and come with 25mm round slotted bases. Most as single-piece white metal casts, but a couple require some minor assembly.

You can find these figures on our website in the new RedBox Games category we have created.

Edited 1st November 2018 to add – we have also now added all the Elves and many of the humans to the range of Red Box Games figures we stock.