Reaper Miniatures Organised by Theme

  • November 9, 2017
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Based on feedback (thank you !) from our last email newsletter, I’ve gone through and organised all our Reaper Miniatures by theme.

It’s taken a few days, and I’ll be the first to admit that some of the categorisation is very much on a “best fit” basis. To give you a few ideas about the thought process that went into it, here are some examples of the things I’ve done;

  • The Dragons theme includes both dragons and things that can be thought of as dragon-kin. You’ll find wyverns, hydras (hydrae ?), and the like here.
  • With Characters by Species I didn’t include one for humans, as it would be so big as to be almost useless.
  • Characters by Class is split into male and female for the most popular classes, but not for the less-populated ones.
  • In some cases I have gone by what a figure looks like, rather than the pure title. For example, things that look swashbuckling are in the Pirates theme even if they don’t actually have the work “pirate” in the title.
  • For a non-human characters, in most cases it’s probably faster to look by species or monster type. A dwarven rogue might also be found under female rogues, but it is likely to be quicker to look in dwarves.
  • Please give me some feedback on Undead !  I’m wondering if it is too broad a category, or if I should split it into three or four. I’m thinking skeletons, vampires, spectral and squishy. I need a better title for the last one; it covers, zombies, ghouls, and other undead that still have most of their gooey bits.
  • Dungeon Monsters is a catch-all category. It covers critters of the “this doesn’t fit anywhere !” variety.
  • Beasts includes familiars and furry things.
  • Vermin includes things that come in swarms or have too many (or few) legs than is nice.

As always with Reaper, a different or unusual paint scheme can totally change the look of a figure. Think laterally when you are searching ! You might find a barbarian or rogue figure who is perfect for that lightly-armoured warrior. Something you find in Elves could be just begging to be painted as a drow.

If you think I’ve put any figures in the wrong theme, please do let me know; I expect this to be a “work in progress” for a while !