New Products – Flex-i-file and some Metal Perry Miniatures

  • July 6, 2018
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We’ve added a few new products recently, including the Flex-i-file range and some metal Perry Miniatures.

Flex-i-file are a Canadian company, specialising in high quality abrasive products of all kinds.  They are best known for the Flex-i-file itself, an innovative frame holding an abrasive tape in a way which enables it to curve to match rounded surfaces. It is a great way to avoid creating the flat spots you can get with conventional files and sanders. There is a wide selection of different grit tapes available, colour coded so you can easily select the one which fits the job at hand.

But as well as the flex-i-file, they also make a comprehensive range of other abrasive products. There are skinny sanders, sanding needles (on of my favourites for cleaning mould lines off figures !), micro finishing cloths and a host of other things to solve your sanding and finishing needs.

You can find all their products on the new Flexifile page on our website !

Another thing we’ve added is a small selection of metal Perry Miniatures figures. They are mostly command packs of named characters, although many of them (particularly the medieval ones) can be used as generic officers or generals for the army they are designed for. We buy them in from an authorised wholealer rather than Perry themselves, so sadly this is all the selction we can get at present (although if there is interest, we can try pushing to get access to more !)  The selction we’ve got includes a couple of artillery pieces – one each Wars of the Roses and Prussian Napoleonic, as well as command figures for the Agincourt and Wars of the Roses medieval periods, and Napoleonic commands. With the sculpts being made by the Perry twins, these are some of the highest quality 28mm figures you can buy !

Perry Miniatures French Mounted Command at Agincourt