Darkstar Molten Metals – New Range Now In Stock

  • August 12, 2018
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We’ve got an exciting new range in stock – Darkstar Molten Metals.

This is a new range of high quality acrylic paints which can be applied by brush or airbrush.  They don’t need to be thinned for brush application, and only need to be thinned about 10% for airbrush application.  The quality is superb, with the pigment milled very finely to create a finished appearance of high-shine metal. Unlike many metallic paints, they don’t tarnish and dull over time, so don’t need a layer of gloss varnish to retain their finish. Once dry, they can be gently polished to enhance the shine even further.

One thing I really like about this range is the selection of colours.  There are 27 in all, plus a thinner, if you live in an area where the tap water is just too horrible for thinning paint with !  I’m seeing Darkstar Molten Metals as complementary to the excellent Vallejo Metal Color range.  The Vallejo range has a superb selection of what I think of as “white metals” (chrome, various aluminiums etc), but very little else. Darkstar, on the other hand, has a good selection of white metals, but really scores with it’s diverse range of golds, coppers and bronzes.

We’ve created a new webpage for them which you can find HEREIt’s a sub-category, because we’re planning to stock their new range of pigments soon, as well.  Darkstar Miniatures are a UK company, and we’re really keen to support new British businesses making quality modelling products.

I can’t wait to give them a try !  If the results aren’t too embarrassing (I don’t count myself as one of the world’s greatest painters….) I might even put a photo or two up on our Facebook page.