Closing Our Camberley Shop, A New Beginning Not The End

With huge regret, I have to announce that we will be closing our Camberley shop down during the course of April (the current plan is to make April 22nd the last day open). This is a massively difficult decision, but at a time of consumer price-sensitivity and significant supplier cost increases, the overheads are just too high in relation to the revenue the shop generates.

Closing the shop at this point means that we can do so in a managed way, paying wages, suppliers and other bills. I believe this is better than trying to struggle on and starting to create debts we would be unable to pay. Although we looked for outside investment, the amount required to turn the business around meant that this didn’t happen.

But all is not totally lost ! We are not totally disappearing, the intention is to restructure the business and return to what we started off doing so well, with primarily online-only retail of a carefully selected range of core products at great prices with market-leading customer service.

One thing we found was that having a “real world” shop is that it’s a massive consumer of time. Without it, we should have a lot more time to improve our website (maybe even without me working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week !).

For a short while, until the relocation is complete, we’ll be temporarily dropping our stock levels, just so there’s less to move. Once that’s done, we’ll focus on clearing the non-core ranges we decide to drop, while building up the core ranges for maximum availability. If there’s interest, I might even do some blog posts on the lessons we’ve learned, so that anyone thinking of running a modelling and gaming shop can learn from our experiences !

Edit: I’ve added some images to the gallery, just to show that we’ve left the shop in a far better state than we found it !  The upstairs isn’t as pristine, but it’s still far better than what we found when we took the place over.