Blood Eagle and Daisho – Our First E-books

  • March 2, 2017
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We recently added a Wargames Rules category to our website, and now we’ve extended it by including our first two E-books !  They are PDF editions of Blood Eagle and Daisho, skirmish rules published by the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare. Craig and Charles, the authors are friends of ours, and we are pleased and honoured to have agreed with them that we’ll have exclusive rights to sell the e-book versions of these rules.

The authors of Blood Eagle and Daisho also bought us In Her Majesty’s Name (often abbreviated to IHMN), Steampunk skirmish wargames rules. They were published by Osprey, and are one of their top selling rule sets. All three sets of rules share a very similar underlying set of principles, meaning that if you’re familiar with one of them, it’s easy to pick up the others. The authors’ genius is in enabling each set to give a great “feel” of the setting while keeping the game fluid and playable.

Coming very soon from them will be IHMN Gothic, which takes the same rules engine and adapts it to Victorian Horror settings. We had a demo day in our shop a couple of weeks ago, and had some brilliant games with vampires versus werewolves !

Getting the technology behind the e-books up and running has been an interesting challenge. We’ve tested them extensively on a wide variety of devices, and made a number of adjustments to the settings to make them both secure and user-friendly. When you buy them, our system will send you an automated email with a download link. Don’t worry if it takes a minute or two to get your e-book once you’ve clicked the link. It’s a file of approximately 5MB, and each one is individually generated for you.

One other great thing about games from The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare is that they’ve got a really good community among the players, with the authors actively engaged. Each game has it’s own blog and Facebook page, and there is a “hub” blog to bring it all together at