Who we are

SnM Stuff is a small family-run company, dedicated to personal, efficient and friendly service at great prices.

At present there are 4 of us – Sean, Melanie, and our cats Tabby and Sooty (who carry out cuteness, moral support and milk-drinking duties).

The Company

We operated the company on a part-time basis until July 2010, when we were really pleased to have been able to make it a full-time thing.

We are still quite small in terms of the number of people working here.  But this has it’s advantages! We pride ourselves on our knowledge of our products, and our ability to give personal service.

New Shop Front
New Shop Games Workshop Display

Our Background

We took the step of turning our long-standing love of gaming and modelling into a business in January 2007 (feels like forever ago now!).

We have plenty of previous business experience and training in a wide variety of fields, including logistics, customer service, marketing, accountancy, compliance and change management.

New Shop Modelling Materials Display

Meet Tabby

Tabby cat looking into the camera's lens

Our Managing Director…
(as he likes to think!)

Great Service in Every Situation

It’s not a perfect world (it’d be boring if it was!), and we accept that not everything will always go as planned, even though we do our best to make it so.

We firmly believe that it’s how we handle things that don’t go quite right that makes our reputation, as much as all the things that go perfectly smoothly.

If you like the way we do things, tell your friends – if we mess up, tell us and we’ll do all we can to sort it out!

Our Values

We are dedicated first and foremost to giving great service at reasonable prices.

We’ve had both good and bad service from other companies, and our guiding principle is “How would we like to be treated?”

Our Store

After 5+ years of operating purely as an E-Commerce business, in May 2012 we opened a shop to give our local customers a face to face service, moving to a much larger shop in Camberley in September 2016.

Sadly, this turned out to not be cost-effective, because the margin on modelling and gaming products is very slim, and we realised most of the money was being sucked out in high overheads. We therefore made the difficult decision that it was better to return to our roots of doing what we do well, which is online sales.

Our Address

SnM Stuff Online Ltd.
33 Tower Hill
GU14 0AQ
United Kingdom

VAT Registration Number: GB 100 6853 48